Types of Roofing


Types of Roofing

When it comes to your roofing, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. As a qualified Maryland Roofing Company, we can handle roofing remodels of many different types, from flat roofs, to asphalt, to cedar shake and everything in between. If you’re looking for a Maryland Remodeling Company that will provide you with a new roof that not only looks flawless but is also highly secure and long-lasting, we’re your best resource in the state.

Roofing Types We Work With

Composite Roofing: Composite shingles are made of asphalt and laminated fiberglass. They give the look of real wood shakes or real slate shingles while providing better protection and ventilation for a longer life. For the best of both worlds, composition roofs are the way to go.

Maryland’s Best Remodeling is a certified ShingleMaster* with Certainteed and certified GAF product installer. Other product options include IKO and Owings Corning.

Metal Roofing– We provide full-scale metal roofing installation services to homeowners and businesses throughout Maryland. We have a wide selection of metal roofing profiles including:

  • Aluminum Shingles
  • Steel Roofing Panels
  • Standing-Seam Panels
  • Stone-Coated Tiles Additionally, we can also supply and install custom metal roofs. Our systems are available in aluminum, Galvalume, copper, and stone coated steel.

Flat Roofing – The remodeling of flat roofs entails a different process than is used with other common roofing types. The rain doesn’t drain down the sides of a flat roof, which means they require stronger and more efficient seal covering than slanted roofs. Laying down a layer of hot tar is a superb way to create the seal needed to keep your home dry during the rainy seasons. Maryland’s Best Remodeling specializes in Rubber Roofing Systems (EPDM) and ……

We use the Torch-Down application method, which is a process where the material that makes contact with the sheathing underneath is melted with a torch. This provides a secure hold and creates a waterproof seal that can last anywhere from 15-20 years, depending on how many layers are applied. We also specialize in applying the silicon roofing product GACO. All of these materials offer weather-resistant, waterproof seals.

Green Roofing– Green roofs (also known as eco-roofs, or living roofs) help reduce the negative side effects of conventional roofing, while adding green space to your property. They consist of various roofing layers topped with a soil-like growing medium and plants chosen for their ability to withstand a roof’s extreme conditions. Residential-scale versions usually have a much thinner layer of soil than their commercial counterparts, with low-growing plants from the succulent family and other rock-garden-friendly varieties.

Green roofing offers a range of benefits for both your home and the environment:

  • A green roof acts as an additional insulating layer to your home that reduces unwanted summer heat gain and winter heat loss.
  • The soil and plant life help to capture, filter, and slow roof runoff.
  • An eco-friendly roofing structure can extend the life of the roof itself by protecting the waterproof membrane, at its foundation, from sunlight or puncture damage

Ventilation – Ventilation is another service we offer that can add real value to your home and make it more safe and comfortable to live in. New ventilation systems allow fresh air into your house while keeping rain and snow out. Good ventilation can also help to prohibit mold from growing in your home and on your roof.

Gutters – Living in the Maryland, Virginia or DC area, you already know the importance of good gutters. In addition to being a key component in proper roof drainage, new gutters can help freshen the look of your home and add value for when it comes time to put the house on the market.

Skylights – Providing 30% more natural light than vertical windows, skylights are a great addition to any roof and a spectacular way to open up a room. They can also provide ventilation and come in a wide variety of sizes to fit into most any ceiling. Maryland’s Best Remodeling uses high-quality Velux skylights for our remodels and installations.

*ShingleMaster™ (SM): Contractors who are focused on superior workmanship and customer satisfaction earn the SM credential by employing a Master Shingle Applicator qualified workforce or participating in an SM Credential Course. An SM can offer you SureStartPLUS extended warranty coverage when an Integrity Roof System is installed on your home.”