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Roof Replacement


Roof Replacement

Keep Your Family Safe from the Elements

One of your basic needs as a human is a ‘roof over your head’, and if yours isn’t doing its job properly, then it may be time to have it replaced. We’re proud to serve homeowners in Woodbine, Ellicott City, Eldersburg, Catonsville, as well as other areas throughout the state with top of the line Maryland Remodeling Services.

The Dangers of a Damaged Roof

Your roof is there to protect your home and everything beneath it from exposure to harmful outdoor threats. Rain, snow, ice, wind, and other elements in nature can cause a range of problems, including roof collapse in the most extreme cases. In many cases of roof damage, making a repair can simply be putting a band-aid on the underlying issue and only work as a temporary solution to a larger problem. The best way to solve most instances of roof damage is to remove the old one and have a brand new roof professionally installed.

Roofing Services

How Does a Roof Collapse?

As many homeowners are already aware, moisture is one of the home’s worst enemies. When your home’s interior is subject to prolonged exposure to moisture, major damage can occur, sometimes before you even notice a problem. As moisture makes its way beneath your walls and throughout your home, it can cause mold, mildew, and eventually, a complete breakdown of the materials that were used to build your home.

This can happen anywhere in your home, but when it happens to your roof, the wood and other materials within can start to sag. A sagging roof is one of the most obvious warning signs that it’s just a matter of time until it collapses.

Do I Need a Replacement if My Roof is Leaking?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a question that can be answered until a Maryland professional roofing specialist investigates the source and scale of the leak. Though one or two leaks throughout the roof may not seem like a big deal, it takes an expert’s eye to determine whether or not your leaks are serious enough for a complete roof replacement. Not only that, but leaks aren’t necessarily the only factor that will determine whether or not your roof needs to be replaced. Your roof’s current overall condition and age will factor into our recommendation as well.


How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take?

The time it takes to replace your roof depends on:

  • The style of roof you desire
  • The shape of your home
  • The weather conditions present
  • The time of year your replacement occurs

All can affect the length of your project, and our roofing professionals are dedicated to making sure that your project goes off without a hitch while also ensuring that their work is done in safe conditions. Diligence is the hallmark of quality for Maryland remodeling contractors, and we’re here to provide you with that and more.

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