5 Interior Remodels You Should Complete This Summer

5 Interior Remodels You Should Complete This Summer

5 Interior Remodels You Should Complete This Summer

With warmer temperatures and sunshine finally here, many homeowners are looking for ways to improve their homes. Since you’re planning on spending more time outdoors, it’s the perfect opportunity to improve the interior of your home. Check out these five interior remodeling projects that can enhance your home’s beauty, value, and comfort.

Interior remodeling this summer at Maryland’s Best

1. A New Kitchen

Summer is the perfect time to remodel your kitchen. While you’re using your grill, your kitchen can get the facelift it needs without being an inconvenience to your family. These days, brighter is better. Utilize lighter colors throughout your kitchen to help lighten and brighten the space. Take it a step further by adding pops of color throughout the room. 

2. Change Flooring

Changing your home’s flooring is a simple remodeling project that can make a big difference. Opt for lighter-stained wood flooring to reflect natural light and help bring the outdoors inside. The summer is also a good time to change flooring since there’s less moisture and debris to bring in the house.

3. Change Bathroom Design

How nice would it be to have a five-star spa inside your home? It’s possible with a bathroom remodel. Bathrooms are no longer just spaces to prepare for the beginning or end of the day. Bathrooms are now seen as a personal oasis and should be designed as such. Glass showers, neutral-colored flooring, and abundant lighting are all things that should be considered for your bathroom design.

4. Add More Windows

We can’t be outside all the time. However, you can bring that outdoor feeling inside by adding more windows throughout the house. Natural sunlight is beneficial all year long. So this summer, look to increase the size of your current windows or add additional windows. Not only will they bring in more sunlight, but they also improve the energy efficiency of your home. 

5. Remodel the Basement

While you’re outdoors this summer, make sure your home is ready when you’re forced to spend time indoors. Turn your unfinished basement into a beautifully designed, functional space. If you want to transform your basement into a bedroom, play area, entertainment space, or movie theatre, our Carroll County home remodeling company can help turn your vision into a reality.  

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When you’re ready to transform your home’s interior, Maryland’s Best is here to help. We’re trusted by over 1,700 homeowners across Maryland, delivering high-quality remodeling services. Contact us today to request an estimate. 


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